How to Sew Your Own Tooth Fairy Pillows

Want to create decorative pillows for your child that are also very useful? Why not create a tooth fairy pillow? Guess what? I’m going to show you how to! They are super-cute and super-easy! The great thing about these pillows is they give the kids a great place to keep their tooth. You can pick up the little baggies from any craft store. Micheal’s happens to be my favorite. I signed up for the app and received coupons on my phone. Every time I shop there, I get a discount!! What’s not to love!

Okay, okay, I’m getting sidetracked. Back to making a tooth fairy pillow. 

This is a project you can do with your kids and perfect for little hands. You can use a sewing machine or just a needle and thread. 


– 8×8 cotton material

– 6×6 piece of felt

– polyester stuffing

– coordinating thread

– needle

– googly eyes (optional)

 – ribbon or cord

– scissors


Cut the felt material into the shape of a tooth (there are lots of free tooth patterns available online). Glue on the googly eyes and stitch a mouth or use the felt to make a mouth. Here is where you and your child can be super creative. Use glitter, cloth material, circles, squares – you are only limited by your imagination. 

Glue your felt creation to the front of your material. Let dry completely.

Put the right sides of the material together. Leaving the top open, sew three sides. 

Place the ribbon or cord in-between the material and sew from the corner through the ribbon or cord. Don’t forget to leave a gap for stuffing. 

Turn inside out.

At this point you should have a pouch with an opening in the top and and a felt tooth with an opening at the top. 

Stuff your pillow and stitch the top opening close.

There you have it! An awesome tooth fairy pillow!

Please send me a picture of your creation – I’d love to see your design!

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