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Make Your Own Baby Bibs!

I promise you these crafts are super-easy!! This pattern can be used to make bibs for your dog too!


– Material
– sewing machine
– coordinating thread
– scissors
– measuring tape


– Cut a 12×12 square from both pieces of fabric
– Fold into a triangle, mark and cut along the center
– Cut the corners/ends
– Place two pieces print sides together
– Sew, leaving an opening for turning
– Turn inside out
– Sew around the edge and the opening
– Stitch Velcro to the corners
– Admire your handiwork!

Quick Hem Jeans

Another quick and easy how-to on hemming pants/jeans. Best part is no one will know what you did! Your pants will look like you bought them that way!


– the pants
– sewing machine
– thread
– scissors
– Iron


Measure the length you want the pants to be. Remember measure twice, cut once.
Turn the piece you cut off inside out. Pin to the bottom of the pants.
Sew along the hem using the same color thread.
Cut the excess material off.
Turn right side out.
Iron to lay flat.


How I did it – Building an Electric Fireplace

I spend a lot of time fixing things. Some for the first time, others as a repeat project. In this video I show you “How I Did It”, installing an electric fireplace. Is it perfect? No. I’m no professional. At the time I was Just a single mom with a limited budget willing to do what it takes to get the job done. And if I messed it up, who cares. It’s mine.

Recover a Chair – Cheaply!

Check out this great How-to video