Like many people, there are lots of things I could be doing differently this year but, I have resolved NOT to resolve anything. In a nutshell, I am making no new year resolutions. On our Sweetpolly’s Creations Facebook page, we conducted a poll and asked one simple question: Will you be making a New Years Resolution this year? Eighty percent of those who responded said NO. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Are those new year’s traditions gone? or are people actually using this opportunity to “start over.”

Do I want to lose weight? Yes (how many of us don’t?). Would I like to eat better? Yes (but, I really want to keep okra out of my diet). Am I going to? Yes. But, I decided I didn’t need a new year to do it. I’m going to continue on the path I started last July to eat better for my body and health. Not just to get rid of those love handles I have but, to be able to keep up with my grandchildren.

I’m not going to be so critical of myself anymore.

Here’s one reason why: while I was in the food court waiting to place my order, I struck up a conversation with the woman who was in front of me. She was very petite and I’m guessing, probably a size 4. I was envious. I said to myself, she could eat whatever she wanted, while I was trying to decide which salad I was going to have. She commented that she really needed to lose weight. I rolled my eyes back into my head and said “I wish I was your size!”. Immediately following that comment, the woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said “I wish I was your size.”

We all laughed at the idea that none of us (size 4 to size 16) were happy or satisfied with our bodies and each of us felt that there were things we needed to improve upon. 

I say all that to say, maybe you don’t need a new years resolution. Maybe, just maybe, someone is envious of the you that you are and you should be too.

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