Neighbors, Friends and Blogging

I have met many people throughout my life and career. Sometimes the two have merged and folks from my career have become part of my life. Sometimes, it’s a chance encounter at a flea market and sometimes, it’s the person I met while waiting in line. Yes. I am that person. The extrovert, who doesn’t know strangers.

When I bought my first home in Savage, Maryland back in 2007, I became part of a neighborhood. The block included several families that were age appropriate for me. Some my age, some just a little older and several who were a little younger. One couple had just retired, were in the process of selling their home and moving to North Carolina. The neighbor across the fence went on to become a good friend and an honorary family member. Shout out to Colette for being the best neighbor ever!  We both had gardens and would oftentimes exchange vegetables and gardening tips. Nothing went to waste with us! Fast forward ten years, she retired early from her job and set out on an adventure RVing across the states.

Great neighbors don’t stop there. Two doors down, there was a couple with a little boy named Ryan. The Tetzoffs were the neighbors living there best life, everyday. I would oftentimes hear Ryan and his friends splashing around in their pool. His Mom Carolyn, had a love of flowers and grew roses that smelled every so delightful wafting across the yards. Her honey Todd, could often be seen doing something outdoor. 

I just spent the past few sentences talking about neighbors and you’re probably wondering what neighbors have to do with bloggers? Well, Carolyn, the neighbor with the roses, retired a couple of years ago and embarked on a new career blogging Hawkfeather Stories. AND… guess what? As part of her series “Stories From the Heart” she asked to interview me. What a wonderful honor! Carolyn did me justice. She was able to capture me in all my naked glory (smile) and I was able to bear my soul to someone who I once new as a neighbor and now consider a friend. 

If stories from the heart tickle your fancy, check out Carolyn’s blog and while you’re at it, learn a little more about me – your friendly neighborhood crafter (wink-wink).

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