Handmade Baby Gifts and Kids Products

Handmade Baby Gifts and Kids Products

Handmade Baby Gifts and Kids ProductsHandmade Baby Gifts and Kids ProductsHandmade Baby Gifts and Kids Products
Author Treena G. Wetsel

Hey Everybody!

It's no wonder I do what I do now - I am the mother of five children and a grandmother to two (so far!).  I am a woman of many talents and happy to share it with you.  I love to create, particularly for children. I have all kinds of fun stuff for parents, givers and of course, children. Some free, some not. 

I'm not a native Marylander but, I've been here long enough to claim the title. My ever so patient husband Clif,  doesn't mind the mess (most of the time) that I create in order to make stuff. At least that's what I tell myself. I have some kids books, free fun pages, baby gifts and more.   So, feel free to take a look around! 

- Treena 

Miranda and the Lost Shoe children's book

Story Time With a Purpose

What's not to love about children? They have no prejudices (except towards broccoli), they don't see color (unless it's their favorite one) and they are honest to a fault. 

Some children don't always get to be children. Some children are faced with situations that change their innocence. It's not due to anything they have done. Sometimes their situation is just a matter of unfortunate circumstances. 

FREE Storytime

Do Bears Eat Pancakes? children's book

Why have a book if you're not reading it to everybody! If you're a non-profit or public entity a 30-minute storytime is offered at no cost. Fill out the contact form with your requested dates and we will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm. 

Speciality Products


If you are looking for a gift that comes from the heart, this is where you want to be. We offer books by local authors, specialty kids products like tooth fairy pillows and more. 

Community Shows

N.Y. event photo

You can find Sweetpolly's Creations out and about at various community craft events.  We bring our products to you, where you can touch and hold them before you buy them.  There will always be items you won't find on the website, like kids' favorite;  Poop Goop. Don't worry there is no actual poop in it!


Saniya reading Do Bears Eat Pancakes?

"Sunaiya says thank you Ms. Treena for her book and stuffed Georgie! She loves them! She wants your autograph please and can’t wait for your story time reading! Please let us know when that is! " - S. Leavell, Maryland

The Jeffersons

 So excited to be getting my signed copies of “Do Bears Eat Pancakes?” for my grandsons and friends!! Awesome job Treena Greene Wetsel!  - E. Benson, Maryland


picture of a little girl and her uncle reading Do Bears Eat Pancakes?

Kylie is reading "Do Bears Eat Pancakes" by Treena Greene Wetsel with her uncle, Delante  - J. Holland, Maryland

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