picture of the author Treena Wetsel

Treena in a Minute..

Grew up in the Bronx

Worked at the New York Public Library

Joined the United States Marine Corps

Joined the United States Army Reserve

Worked as a Correctional Officer

Wrote several manuscripts

Joined the Federal Government

Went to night school 

Graduated from Johns Hopkins University

Served on the Howard County Commission for Women

Raised Three Children

Became a step-mom

Became a grandmother

Self-published her book

child reading a book in a library/bookstore

Getting Started...

Having a love for books started early. My first job was working at the Highbridge Branch of the New York Public Library when I was 15. This was the ultimate FREE book store.

One day the librarian approached me because the individual scheduled for storytime didn't show up...

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Books on a shelf

More Than Books

There are many things that are important in life - eating, sleeping, earning a living...

Here you'll find resources that will help point you into the right direction if writing for children is important to you. Maybe becoming a published author is something you want - I'd like to offer some advice...

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Miranda and the Lost Shoe

Miranda and the Lost Shoe

Miranda and the Lost Shoe

cover of children's book "Miranda and the Lost Shoe"

Have you ever had one of your kids help you find something? They get easily distracted don't they? When Miranda offers to help her Dad find his lost shoe, she finds everything but, the shoe. She even gets her friends in on the search - ha!

Do Bears Eat Pancakes?

Miranda and the Lost Shoe

Miranda and the Lost Shoe

picture of little boy holding the book "Do Bears Eat Pancakes?"

Join 6-year old Georgie as he answers that age old question - do bears really eat pancakes? This board book with rounded corners will grow with a child from infant to 6 years old.

Author Visits - Background Check

You should know that all author visits conducted at any school is hosted by Treena Wetsel; mother of five, grandmother of two, USMC Veteran and children's book author. 

I understand the need to know who is working with children. My background check can be provided upon request.

My First Storytime

Learning I actually liked reading storytime to  children.

Bring your dreams to life! Hear our story!

 The Author  T. G. Wetsel, discusses her motivation for getting started and publishing her first of many kids books.  


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